Cool Breeze

Cool things that made you look cool

    Living in a country with a tropical climate that has warm temperatures and is exposed to sunlight all year round, requires us to choose clothes with suitable materials to use. The clothes we use must be comfortable when doing activities under sun & at least absord the sweat.
    In 2021, we set out to make products with the latest technology. This product can be used in tropical countries and supports all outdoor activities while remaining comfortable.
    Cool Breeze, the latest technology that we applied to our new product, named “Cool Breeze”. As you know from the name, this material is very cool, comfortable to use and of course can absorb sweat very well. More than that, this product will keep our skin dry and moisturised cause it’s breathable.
We doing our best to create this products, we know that this products aren’t perfect. But at least, you should try once & feel the sensation of this Cool Breeze. And your welcome, you can thanks us later after you tried this.
Don’t worry about the materials, we use our standard Heavy Weight Cotton 230gsm & mixed it up with the “Cool Breeze” tech that we create for us in this tropical country. So, with the Cool Breeze, you can stay fresh even though you have a lot of activities.
 You can get this Cool Breeze exclusively by our official website at 2-1-2021.
So, be the first to get & to try our Cool Breeze.

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