We were born from our belief that champions are not born, they are made. They are made from those who thrive for nothing short of greatness: those who thrive to be a beast. The pioneers and designers of change, that makes the a Rebels.

Every act of rebellion expresses a hard work and an appeal to the essence of being. The time you become a rebel is the time when you become a champion

Heavyweight 100% cotton

Fabrics with 100% cotton have unique and distinctive characteristics. Although it has a rough texture, this fabric has excellent absorption and is also one of the fabrics with very high fabric resistance. Therefore, the fabric will be stronger and not easily damaged. Although the service life is longer, the color of Heavyweight Cotton is not easy to fade. Even though it’s been washed many times, this Heavyweight 100% Cotton won’t fade or fade quickly.


Heavyweight 100% Cotton with 375 GSM has unique characteristics, with a rough texture but has a very high absorbency and fabric resistance so that it remains comfortable to wear, also the color of the fabric is not easy to fade.


Our material is use aloe treatment makes the material excellent anti bacterial, skin friendly, moisturising properties and, sweat absorbent

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